Eric Donoho

Real Estate Broker

eXp Realty in Metropolitan Indianapolis

Two Are Better Than One, If One Falls The Other Is There To Give A Hand Up.

About Eric Donoho

My journey began in the US Army, where I served honorably before being medically retired in 2009 after sustaining injuries during a 14-month deployment in Iraq with the Scout/Sniper Platoon. My awards include the Purple Heart, 2 Army Commendation Medals, 2 Army Achievement Medals, and other distinguished commendations. This chapter of my life deeply shaped my resilience, leadership skills, and commitment to service, traits that I carry into my multifaceted career.

Licensed as a Real Estate Broker, I specialize in luxury listings, leveraging my education in residential construction management, attention to detail, commitment to client satisfaction, and grasp of market trends. Each client is unique, and I offer bespoke services to meet their individual needs and aspirations. Yet, real estate is just one area of my professional expertise.

As a seasoned Keynote Speaker, I infuse leadership lessons from the battlefield to the boardroom. I inspire leaders to transcend boundaries, shatter glass ceilings, and create an environment that promotes growth and ambition. Further, I've designed educational programs emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, especially for those with invisible disabilities.

As a Leadership Fellow, I collaborate with local businesses to cultivate their leadership talent. In today's fiercely competitive environment, investing in our leaders is crucial for organizational resilience and growth.

Philanthropy is another cornerstone of my career. My passion for service led me to establish a wheelchair distribution center in Nepal and influence key legislation in Washington D.C., significantly improving veterans' lives. These initiatives comprise critical legislative acts and the establishment of vital support systems for veterans.

Outside my professional commitments, I'm a devoted community member, volunteering with my local church to aid resettled Afghan partners seeking a fresh start in the States. My career stands as a testament to my belief in progress, inclusivity, and service, and I am dedicated to leveraging my skills and experiences to effect meaningful change.